Client Satisfaction is everything

There are many news articles and viral videos knocking around the internet that go to show just how irritated we humans can get when we experience poor customer service.

With the white-hot spotlight of the internet viewing gallery able to expose any brand that falls below its customers’ expectations, one thing I can say without fear of contradiction is that when it comes to customer service, these days there is no such thing as over-delivering.

Because if you slip up and don’t nip problems in the bud, all sorts of vengeful, viral work can spring up, leaving companies scrambling for a response to help save their brand.

Take United Airlines (UA) for example. The short story is that in 2009, while seated on an airplane on the tarmac, musician Dave Carroll saw UA baggage handlers damage his custom-made guitar. He used all the traditional channels to try to get satisfaction, but was refused cooperation and compensation, so then he used YouTube. Dave and his band wrote a four-minute long song about United Airlines, the staff involved and what they did to him. The song went viral. Very viral. Within the first 48 hours, the video had clocked up 24,000 views. Seven years later, it’s still doing the rounds and has been viewed over 15.5m times. The incident reportedly cost United Airlines $180 million (10% of share value) that year.

Or how about something closer to home – phone companies, to be precise. Almost half of British consumers say they have had a bad experience with a phone provider, while one in ten says they have left the operator as a result, claims customer engagement company Thunderhead.

According to industry regulator Ofcom, EE landline telephone service continues to generate the highest volume of landline complaints despite seeing a reduction since the first quarter of the year, while Vodafone has been named as the most complained about mobile phone service provider.

“By failing to properly understand where customers are in their journey and communicate through joined-up conversations, mobile operators are pushing their customers out the door, and waving goodbye to perfectly good revenue as they do so,” Glen Manchester CEO of Thunderhead said.

Indeed, bad customer experiences could be costing UK mobile operators as much as £1.6 billion in lost revenues.

While these facts are interesting and entertaining to discuss, there is a very serious point that underpins all this; many companies these days tend to completely overlook the happiness of their customers.

They make basic errors that continue to fuel the anger of their customers until one day; it all spills over into a maelstrom of vitriol.

At Creative Systems our business is championing the cause of the customer. We listen. Our entire business model stems from establishing no strings, industry-leading level of service quality that keeps our customers coming back to us.

Anyone can sell boxes of things.  But not everyone cares about what happens next.  They don’t want to know your family, or what fantastic place you visited at the weekend. They just want to sell their thing and get the hell out of sight, right?

Surely that is what everyone wants?


Time and time again, we have been proved right by upholding a superior level of customer service.

Your most valuable asset is a satisfied client. Because a customer, becomes a client when they are respected and receive a professional service.

Your clients will have friends and we all know how much friends like to talk.

If you ensure the experience they are sharing is positive then doors will open resulting in an expanding, loyal client base.

By caring about your clients, you can prevent the pre-mentioned reputation destroying situations.

Are you important?

Do you want to be cared for by a company who really do understand, and consistently deliver, with no strings and no compromises?

If so then we really need to talk.


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