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Colour Management, Proofing and Production RIPs

Soft-proofing and Collaboration

Workflow and Automation

Colour Management, Proofing and Production RIPs

CGS ORIS Color Tuner

The world’s best, most accurate and most intuitive inkjet proofing RIP. COLOR TUNER allows users to control and track print jobs from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

All features of ORIS Soft Proof and CERTIFIED are available in the software package, making it easier to manage and monitor global remote proofing — increasingly important with the popularity of embedded measurement devices.

COLOR TUNER fully supports the inline spectrophotometers embedded in Epson, Canon, and HP printers, including those of the Epson SureColor SC-P series. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows users to work quickly and efficiently within a closed-loop environment.

CGS ORIS Press Matcher

Cross-Fleet Color Accuracy and Repeatability

Now it is possible to reproduce, accurately and consistently, any type of print result on your digital press, including Canon and Xerox MFDs. Until now it has been challenging and time-consuming to achieve accurate and repeatable colour reproduction, especially across multiple presses or in trying to match to offset printing.

This is now a thing of the past.

Thanks to PRESS MATCHER you can now calibrate your digital presses easily and reliably and maintain a consistent print quality across the fleet. Today’s print production is the same as yesterday's – and tomorrow's.

The wide-gamut workflow makes use of the printer’s entire colour gamut and perfectly handles different input colour spaces such as sRGB and Adobe RGB in the same PDF file. The results are vivid saturated colours and an efficient production process.

A special profiling technology additionally ensures stable and neutral gray tones. All this is important for the production of photo books, posters, banners, signboards and similar products.


Perfect spot colours and brilliant images - with software instead of expensive inks.

Special colours are especially eye-catching. But to work with them requires effort and expense. Extra inventory, higher prices, frequent colour changes and subsequent wash-up and press downtime all add up to reduced flexibility in job processing and significantly impact the whole production workflow.

As a result, the printing press is not used to the best of its potential and productivity drops.  That costs time and money.

X GAMUT is a fully automatic colour management software for extended colour printing on digital and conventional presses. Using a standard fixed 7 or 8 colour ink set, spot colours can be accurately reproduced - usually by adding orange, green and violet to the standard process inks.

No need to mess around with special ink mixes. The perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools in X GAMUT enable printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set so that spot colours and images are brilliantly reproduced in all their detail – all without the need for special colour inks.

This not only considerably streamlines the production process but also helps to reduce costs enormously - for printers and clients alike.

X GAMUT also includes the basic features of our award-winning PRESS MATCHER.


Accuracy and repeatability are the key requirements of any quality colour print customer. You can achieve both – and save money – with our colour management solution in the cloud: LYNX.

LYNX is a very cost-effective and simple profiling and evaluation tool for professional colour printers. With just a few clicks LYNX delivers colour-accurate results that stay that way throughout the press run, day after day and across all devices.

Plus, at the same time, you save on toner or ink. Thanks to LYNX ’s patented special colour management algorithms, not only are colours accurately reproduced, but the relationship between the four printing inks is also carefully calculated to produce an outstanding gray balance and an overall reduction in the amount of toner or ink used.

All you need is a measurement device. No need to waste money on computer hardware, software or maintenance costs. Pay per click or flat rate.

LYNX is easy to use, with simple menus, a few mouse clicks and no need for complex system configurations. Thus, you get perfect colour profiles very quickly.

Furthermore, easy handling and reliability are the basis for a good quality assurance system. EVALUATE provides both. It is a central web server where all measured data of the connected systems are automatically stored and analysed.

The server is seamlessly connected to LYNX. Quality deviations are identified immediately by the independent generated reports.


Organise and communicate brand colours with all their spectral properties - simple & effective

Communicating colours simply but precisely is becoming more and more important in our globalised world. Brand owners do not want to compromise when it comes to the reproduction of their globally communicated colour.

Why should they? From initial design to digitally or traditionally printed products, it is imperative colour is always communicated reliably, effectively and with ease of use. The ability to organise brand colour information with all of it‘s printed related propertied is essential.

CxF is the key. With this format, it is not only possible to transport all the characteristics of brand and spot colours. CxF data can also be used immediately by all your partners and suppliers as it is an open standard. This makes CxF data the ideal basis for the uncomplicated management and exchange of spectral colour data – locally or in the cloud.

With our CXF TOOLS you can quickly generate, manage and analyse CxF data. There is even the ability to correct preexisting libraries! This makes the entire management and exchange of colour very easy and reliable.

Comprehensive digitisation optimises coordination and production processes and makes them much faster and less expensive. 

You ensure at all times that media designers receive exact specifications and use the correct colours, that all colours are correctly mixed for production and you can always be certain that the files actually contain all the latest colour data relevant to the printing company.

The result is consistent colour reproduction in every print production and perfect brand colours worldwide!

CGS ORIS Certified

Simple and effective quality control for proofs, press sheets, digital and conventional print systems

CERTIFIED is an effective and easy-to-use web-based colour quality control system. CMYK colour bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and other standards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof or press sheet. In-house printing standards and customisable colour bars can be added.

To verify spot colours, users can create their own colour set by selecting from spot colour libraries or entering Lab values. CERTIFIED measurement results can be output as a brief summary on a label or as a detailed report.

EVALUATE is a central server on which measurement results of all controlled devices are stored automatically. Data can be accessed and analysed from any place in the world via web browser.

Detailed reports and trend analyses are showing system performance and allow to immediately perceive quality deviations over a defined period of time. CERTIFIED and EVALUATE provide you with clear facts and help to avoid tedious discussions about colour problems.

In addition, it is possible to measure media wedges via LYNX and to store these in EVALUATE.


Everything you do need, nothing that you don’t. ProofMaster is the most affordable high-quality contract proofing software on the market today.

The VISU™ multi-channel device-link profiling engine makes profiles for any process RGB, CMYK, or 8 colour Multi-channel printing. This makes ProofMaster the most flexible, best value proofing software you can find on the market today. 

Included with ProofMaster are CMYK profiles for ISO12647, FOGRA, GRACoL, SWOP and Idealliance standards. When you add iterative profile tuning, proof certification functions, and CxF/X-3 spot colour libraries to the mix … you’re onto a winner. 

For our packaging customers we offer multi-channel device-link profiling, so proofing Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) printing, or spot colours using the latest CXF/X-4 (ISO17972) data exchange formats is also possible.

It doesn’t matter where you’re working, your print devices might be 10 metres away or 10,000 miles away.

 ProofMaster’s device-calibration lets you close-loop calibrate any two or more devices to a single profile. 

Self-proofing and Collaboration

Aproove Work Management

Aproove Work Management is unique: Enterprise Work Management and Online Proofing combined into a single simple, but highly configurable platform to fit any business vertical.

Aproove Work Management has powerful and unique features to automate your work process, task management, approvals, and compliance.

Visually build workflows that incorporate your work in progress, compliance, and approval needs. Manually create or trigger automated workflows by upload, downloads, API, hot folders, or with data form input.

Pre-defined workflow steps ensure automated task notifications will pull the appropriate resources into a project at the correct time, and projects can flow across multiple branches in a workflow based on decisions or data input into the workflow during its progression.


Easily build smart applications that optimise workflows, orchestrate commercial information and accelerate content to market.

At the heart of the Encode platform is a no-code core to boost productivity with rapid business application development, workflow automation and application integration.

This enables our industry solutions for retailers, agencies, brand owners and others to be extended with great speed and efficiency and without code changes so that the Encode platform fits your processes, not the other way around

Workflow and Automation

EFI Fiery JobFlow

Use Fiery JobFlow to build easy-to-use fully automated workflows.

  • Perform essential job processing tasks such as image enhancement, imposition, and preflighting
  • Submit files to the proper location or just drag and drop right on to the workflow
  • Reorganise pages by splitting long jobs, or extracting pages
  • Archive jobs at various processing stages for later reuse
  • Receive email notifications on the job processing steps that are important to you
  • Manage, import, and export workflows for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Submit multiple jobs and intelligently route them to other workflows
  • Use AI to improve image resolution and DPI for printing images in larger sizes
  • Allow external and internal reviewers to approve jobs remotely for uninterrupted workflow
  • Inspect, troubleshoot, and correct jobs using Enfocus PitStop or PDF Toolbox
  • Use advanced scripting to incorporate job processing from third-party applications like PDF Toolbox
  • Automatically send jobs to the next available printer

Callis PDF Toolbox

Callas pdfToolbox is the easiest yet most powerful PDF preflight and correction application on the market.

You can fix PDF problems during preflight or with a click on the button in the Switchboard. Flatten transparency, convert fonts to outlines, convert office documents or even PostScript directly into PDF, compare versions of PDFs, visualise ink coverage … no task is too difficult for callas pdfToolbox. 

Combine with workflow software like Fiery Jobflow to fully automate production or Aproove to automate workflow, approval, collaboration, and submission of press-ready PDFs. 

Can even integrate within an enterprise-wide platform such as the brilliant Encode

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