Colour Management and Proofing

We set the standards and bring colour accuracy to every corner of your business. Cross-Media, production, design or studio, certified consistency is guaranteed


Ensuring accuracy across multiple platforms, or matching multiple monitors to printer output, can often be a challenge.

We love challenges and we’re here to help.

Employing the latest tools from leading manufacturers, we craft a colour match then calibrate monitors, proofers and laser printers. We can also consult on lighting conditions, file formats and international or industry specific standards.

What we can offer

Certified proofing

Working with Epson, Canon, Oris-CGS and EFI we bring the finest and most accurate proofing products to your studio. Fully certified by Fogra and working to international standards, our certified contract proofing system is bulletproof and easy to use.


Whether it be a monitor or full studio workflow, our experts achieve the required standard allowing you to create with the confidence of consistent accurate results.

Lighting environment

Advising and assisting with your studio lighting and set-up, results in the most comfortable and accurate creative environment.

Our expertise

Fogra certified engineers

Our engineers have attended international Fogra certification training and have passed to Fogra’s exacting standards.

Cross-media specialists

Print / display / web – if it's colour – we will match it, working across all media.


As the media industry introduces new standards, we keep abreast to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.


Creative freedom

We take care of your colour allowing you to free your creative flow.

Certified experience

Our certified experience allows you complete confidence in your results.

Saving you time and money

The full potential of colour and certification are achieved without a drain on your time or resources.

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colour management needs