All Things Green

Working with our partners Commercial Ltd, and before them Wiles Greenworld, we decided that all things green, sustainable and socially response should be a founding principle of the business. 

From our business’s inception we have not taken the easiest or most profitably route, we have purposely taken the long-term view that our planet, community and society as a whole should come first.

  • We have been the second greenest company in the UK
  • Recycler of the Year
  • Our 160+KW of solar panels provide all of the electricity that we need
  • At peak times we feed power back into the grid
  • We recycle 15 different waste streams
  • Many of Commercial’s deliveries go on zero emission vehicles
  • Commercial wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise, current holder, Sustainable Development

Our Sustainability Journey

To operate sustainably, a business has to be nimble. As soon as you put solutions in place, the changing business landscape will mean you have to adapt and evolve to stay ahead.

There is no one right answer to acting ethically and environmentally. What there are instead are lots of questions. Queries you have to pose to your business on an ongoing basis to measure your achievements and fine tune your performance as you go.

Here is a little bit of information about our sustainability journey which demonstrates that just by working with us we are helping you be more sustainable.


We have committed to continually reducing our carbon footprint by at least 2.5% annually, through Commercial’s Planet Mark Certification

We also automatically protect an acre of rainforest through our Cool Earth partnership – helping lock-in carbon and protect the high levels of biodiversity found in these endangered ecosystems.


We are a Go Ultra Low Company, ensuring our fleet is at least 7% electric or plug-in hybrid.

We have already surpassed this this target, operating the largest fleet of Hydrogen dual fueled vans in Europe.

We are a zero carbon operation, with 75% of all of our electricity needs being generated by 82 kWh of Solar PV on our warehouse roof in London.

The other 25% is bought from renewable sources generated around the country. Furthermore Commercial in Cheltenham generate 80KW in solar electricity from their roof.

Most engineer and sales visit are by public transport or by London hire cycle.


Ensuring we give back to society and support the next generation in giving them opportunities to grow and develop is essential if we are to sustainably develop.

That is why we donate 20% of our profits annually to our Social Enterprise Foundation, supporting disadvantaged your adults in gaining valuable experience in a print business. 

In the last 18 months of trading they have generated £1.4 million in social value and 86% of the Young Adults that have participated in the program are now in further work or education.

Furthermore we will be insisting every member of staff dedicates one day a quarter on a socially responsibly project; volunteering to help their chosen local cause.


The Queen’s Award is the UK’s most prestigious business accolade. Commercial’s win recognises outstanding achievements in social and environmental sustainability, coupled with significant and responsible business growth.

Commercial was credited on being a ‘sector leader’ in sustainability, highlighting numerous schemes to reduce energy consumption and generate social value for our customers – we are very proud.

This is just a whistle stop tour of how we approach sustainability, if you would like to learn more about our journey please don’t hesitate to ask to speak to our own sustainably consultant.

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